This June, Susanna Mälkki leads the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in a captivating program of works by Sibelius, Scriabin and Bloch.

Jean Sibelius’ “En Saga” is a thrilling orchestral tone poem that takes listeners on a mystical journey through lush musical landscapes. This piece showcases the Finnish composer’s mastery of orchestration and ability to evoke vivid emotions through music. “En Saga” tells a story without a specific narrative, allowing each listener to interpret and connect with the music in their own unique way.

Moving on to Ernest Bloch’s “Schelomo,” we encounter a remarkable Hebrew Rhapsody featuring celebrated cellist, Mischa Maisky. This composition delves into the depths of human emotion, drawing inspiration from biblical stories and Jewish musical traditions. Bloch’s powerful and expressive use of the cello creates a profound and introspective musical experience, conveying a range of emotions from anguish to hope.

Following the intermission, we hear Alexander Scriabin’s “Le Poème de l’extase” (The Poem of Ecstasy). This symphonic poem, composed for a large orchestra, captures the essence of Scriabin’s mystical and transcendental musical language. “Le Poème de l’extase” is a mesmerizing exploration of spiritual ecstasy, taking listeners on a breathtaking sonic journey filled with rich harmonies, lush orchestration, and vibrant melodies.

Together, these three compositions showcase the mastery and distinct styles of each composer. From Sibelius’s evocative storytelling to Bloch’s introspective exploration of Jewish identity and Scriabin’s pursuit of spiritual ecstasy, each piece offers a unique and captivating musical experience for listeners to immerse themselves in.

See below for the dates and locations of the concerts:

June 16 and 17 – Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Tel Aviv

June 18 – Rappaport Hall, Haifa

June 20 – Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem

Photo: Marica Rosengard